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Apple smart Watch Series 3 includes an LTE chip thatreduces its reliance on iPhone,a faster S3 processor,a new W2 chip for faster and more efficient Wi-Fi andBluetooth, and a new barometric
altimeter for better activity tracking. Pre-orders Sept.
For the first time ever, the Apple smart Watch Series 3 brings a cellular connectionto the Apple smart Watch, allowing it to be used without an iPhone. The LTE Apple Watch Series 3 shares a phone number with the iPhone and can make calls,send messages, stream music, and more, all without needing an iPhone nearby.
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There is a full LTE and UMTS cellular radio in the Apple smart Watch Series 3,which allows it to swap over to LTE whenever it's away from the iPhone.It uses a built-in eSIM that is super tiny and conserves space inside the
device. All of the LTE Apples mart Watch models feature a new red Digital Crown.Carriers will charge approximately $10 per month to add an Apple Watchto your cellphone plan, and if you don't need a cellular connection, don't worry -- Apple has alsointroduced Series 3 models that are non-LTE.

The Apple smart Watch Series 3 is available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel,and Ceramic. There's a new Gold aluminum shade that goesalong with the standard Silver and Space Gray color options,and there's also a new dark Gray Ceramic Apple Watch Edition.There are no new Stainless Steel colors, with the Series 3continuing to be available in Silver and Space Black.

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